We are a group of like-minded female endurance athletes and coaches. We came together to create Hardcoeur Coaching because we have a true passion for triathlon and want to help as many athletes as we can realize their goals in this sport. Each coach at HCC develops unique and individualized plans for all the athletes they coach. We believe the key to success is consistency and working smarter, not harder. We combine swim, bike, and run training with a focus on strength, mobility, nutrition, and recovery.

We chose the name “Hardcoeur” for our coaching company because it perfectly exemplifies the athletes we coach. They are tough, gritty, and willing to work HARD for their goals. So why not just “Hardcore?”. That’s because our incredible athletes also have passion and HEART (and “coeur” is French for “heart”!).  We don’t care if you are fast or slow, have been racing for years or are just getting started, only want to race sprint distance or have your sights set on Ironman domination.  If you have the tenacity to set big goals and the fire and fight to achieve them, we have a world class coach that can help you on your journey.